investment objectives

Stoic Holdings is a private investment firm focused on making a small number of concentrated investments in North American businesses and taking an active role in helping managers succeed. We focus on proven companies with a history of strong cash flow generation. We are particularly interested in finding “hidden champions” – businesses operating in niche sub-industries with high barriers to entry that are under the radar of most investors. We utilize our internal expertise and extensive network of operating partners to ensure the success of our investments.



We are attracted to businesses that have a proven track record of a sustainable competitive advantage among their peers, generally demonstrated by a company's high value proposition to its customers. These competitive advantages can come from superior product quality, differentiated technology or processes, geographical or logistics advantage, or other factors leading to sustainably superior industry position, pricing power or cost structure. We are particularly attracted to businesses with strong recurring revenues and opportunities for growth with limited fixed asset expenditures. These characteristics help build a defensible moat to drive future growth and cash flow, while weathering the volatility of economic cycles.