We are committed to partnering with your company’s team, customers and community to maintain business continuity and preserve your legacy. 

I founded Store It Cold in 2006 in the barn on my small farm and grew it into a profitable niche business selling electronic controllers for walk-in coolers. The business had a great growth trajectory, but needed considerable additional help to stay on its growth course, and I was ready to step back from the day-to-day management of the company.

My company had more than its share of quirks and eccentricities and I needed an investor that would be comfortable with that —both for the deal and the future success of the business. The Stoic Holdings team worked collaboratively with me to structure a win-win transaction to purchase the business and meet my needs as an entrepreneur. After the deal, they rolled up their sleeves and have put countless hours into figuring out the much-needed business infrastructure necessary to enable the next phase of the company’s growth while maintaining the unique legacy of the business. Now I am pleased to participate in that growth as a minority shareholder and member of the Advisory Board.
— Ron Khosla, Store It Cold

Flexible Transaction Structuring

Each business owner has unique needs when selling a business. We will work with you to structure a transaction that achieves your goals, meets your personal cash flow needs and minimizes your transaction costs and tax liabilities. Our strategy is to purchase businesses for a fair price and enhance value through our work as owners over time. We like to structure deals where both seller and buyer can benefit from the continued growth of the company. We can buy all or a portion of your business either by ourselves, with strategic partners, or as partners with remaining management. We can structure transactions as asset sales, stock purchases, equity investments, debt investments or various combinations of the above.


Timeliness & Confidentiality

We will minimize disruptions to your business and maintain discretion as we work with you to quickly ascertain whether we can structure a win-win transaction. We will be open with you in our discussions and will keep all shared information confidential. We will not waste your time.


Alignment of Interests

As founding partners of Stoic Holdings, we are investing the substantial majority of our personal savings into our business. Since an investment from Stoic Holdings represents a major portion of our personal net worth, you can be confident our interests are highly aligned with the future success of the business you have built.


Integrity and Ethics

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards and only partner with stakeholders who share the same values.


Management Transition

We want to take your business to the next level through our active involvement as its next potential owners. As you well know, we will need your help to get there. In most cases, we will ask selling owners to stay involved in some capacity during a transition period, usually as a consulting executive for 6 to 18 months.

Our expertise is in working collaboratively with owners and managers to drive operating improvements and optimize the capital structure for success. As part of any transaction we consider, we will outline a plan that will further enhance the value of the business we are buying.